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Spring Cleaning Tips with Consumed Host, Jill Pollack Week 1 – The Closet

May 7, 2011


With spring in the air, a new royal couple creating a home together and the intro to Vogue's Spring 2011 fashion spread focused on shedding unnecessary clutter, it is only natural that we start to look at our own spaces with the desire to spruce them up. Our latest HGTV series, Consumed, is all about shedding unnecessary clutter and specifically, tackling it head on with a little tough love. Let's face it - most of us are drowning in TOO MUCH STUFF.


Enter host, provocateur and professional organiser, Jill Pollack. Every day, Jill sees the way TOO MUCH STUFF affects the lives, relationships and even the health of her clients. No amount of closet organisers and plastic bins can rescue us from this pervasive clutter - the only hope is to lose it. Permanently.


Photographer: Walter Le Daca


That is exactly what Jill sets out to do with the fortunate families that have the opportunity to work with her on Consumed. In Consumed, Jill challenges families buried under TOO MUCH STUFF to pack up their possessions and live with next to nothing. When the stuff comes back, she hopes they realise how little of it they really need.


In the absence of chaos and clutter, what opportunities are there for positive change?


Inspired by Jill and Consumed, this is the first in a series of posts sharing a few of Jill's Spring Cleaning tips and what better place to start than the closet.


Jill's advice for your bulging wardrobes:

  • If you didn't wear it this winter ... OUT

  • The black boots that you meant to fix this winter but didn't ... OUT

  • The clothes that won't fit this season ... OUT

  • The decaying flip flops (pairs 5-15) ... OUT


We will be sharing more of Jill's tips along with a few teasers of what's to come on Consumed this fall on HGTV Canada on our new Facebook page. Please come and join us.


Also, we are still casting families and couples in the Vancouver area, so if you or someone you know wants the help of Jill and handyman Darren in de-cluttering and sprucing up your home, let us know. Email us at or call us at 604-873-9777 ext 251.


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