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Cheering on the Western Canadian Music Spirit with Jay Semko

July 24, 2011 / Dust Up


Jay Semko, the composer on our new History series Dust Up, has been shortlisted for Songwriter of the Year in the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards for his song ‘Before You Leave Canada.’  Well done Jay!  Jay is a huge musical talent and we’re thrilled to see him recognized by his peers.  



Jay has had an impressive career as a singer-songwiter, Northern Pikes co-founder, film & TV composer, and solo artist. Northern Pikes fans will remember Jay for playing the bass, singing and songwriting for the 80’s hitmakers. As a film & TV composer, Jay is best known for his work on the soundtrack for the popular TV Show Due South. In 1995, Jay released his first solo album, Mouse, followed by six other albums, including the latest self-titled one, which was released in 2010.


Jay is a true artist and storyteller in his work.  You can see him work through his process here, as he and Randy Woods develop the music for Dust Up:



Jay further talks about this process with Rob Jones on the Delete Bin ~ Jay Semko Composes Soundtrack For TV Show ‘Dust Up’.


As Jay and his fans, (especially his fans), anxiously await the big announcement by BreakOut West at the Yukon Arts Centre on Sunday October 23rd, we once again congratulate Jay Semko on his outstanding talent and achievement.


For more of Jay Semko’s country melodies, check out his sites:


You can also catch Jay’s music on Dust Up, Thursday night at 9pm ET/PT on History Television Canada.


I love Jay Semko! He's one of my favorites. I recently had a long flight from NYC to LA and I just listened to his music the whole time. It made the time fly by. You just put on your noise cancelling headphones and you hear nothing else but the strums of Jay's guitar.

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