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Chat with Bob Blumer

Have you ever wanted to learn how to detoxify fugu? Or maybe you’re just looking to find a quaint little restaurant where the waiters are all knife-wielding ninjas. Bob Blumer can help!

We’re thrilled to announce that everyone’s favourite culinary daredevil will be chatting with fans on Twitter throughout this week’s back-to-back episodes of World’s Weirdest Restaurants. Here’s your chance to find out what it takes to flip 559 pancakes in an hour and to discover Bob’s all-time favourite eateries. Join the conversation @BobBlumer on Wednesday at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT.

Each episode of World's Weirdest Restaurants takes viewers to four different, bizarre eateries from Tokyo to Milwaukee, Amsterdam to Vancouver and many places in between. Along the way, Bob gets served beer by a macaque monkey in a Japanese tavern, crashes a pop-up nudist restaurant in New York City, eats curry from a toilet in Taiwan and gets frisky with the 53 resident kitties at Tokyo's Calico Cat Café. A veritable feast of original restaurants and unique concept cafes, World's Weirdest Restaurants is an all-out adventure in international eating.

World’s Weirdest Restaurants airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network Canada.


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