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Flag for Canada 02

2003 | 1 x 60 min

It’s so very simple. Red on white. Two vertical bars, and between them a single maple leaf. For Canadians under 40, it has always been our flag. Nothing else says, as simply and as clearly, “We are Canadian." But the birth of Canada’s flag in 1965 was anything but simple.

Singles 03

2002 | 13 x 30 min

Follow 11 hip singles who cover a wide spectrum of life and lifestyles as they work, play, date and dream during four beautiful summer months in Vancouver.

Celluloid Dreams 04

2002 | 1 x 60 min

Celluloid Dreams takes a trip into the wonderful and weird worlds of fantasy, nightmare and adult fairy tale...where intuition and pure imagination run wild.

Indie Truth 04

2002 | 1 x 60 min

From cinema verité to the digital revolution of today, Indie Exposed takes a keen look inside documentaries with some of the world's most accomplished filmmakers.

Every Body 02

2002 | 1 x 60 min

Joe Laughlin and his South African dance team bridge continents and cultures to meet in the universal language of dance.

Making of Ivan Reitman 01

2002 | 1 x 60 min

Ghostbusters. Meatballs. Beethoven. Twins. Space Jam. Ivan Reitman is the top director of comedy of all time. Yet he remains a very proud Canadian and a private family man.

Chasing the Cure 01
Discovery Health

2002 | 4 x 60 min

You've seen the headlines: "Vancouver lab discovers gene controlling good cholesterol," "Adult stem cells provide hope for spinal cord injuries," "Bovine vaccination may prevent e-coli outbreaks." Behind each headline is a team of researchers, led by a remarkable Canadian who has spent years chasing the cure.

Boys of Buchenwald 01

2002 | 1 x 60 min

A "gentle rekindling of the human spirit" brought child survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp out of despair and moved them to create remarkable lives for themselves.

On Wings and Dreams 01

2002 | 1 x 60 min

For almost twenty years, Grant McConachie and Gordon McGregor fought each other for control of the skies over Canada.

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