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Crash Test Mommy 01

2005-2009 | 65 x 60 min

Take a mom, replace her for a long weekend with someone who thinks they can do a better job and watch what happens.

Combat School 04

2009 | 6 x 60 min

Combat School is a documentary series that follows – for the first time ever – infantry soldiers as they undergo the most technologically-advanced, intense and realistic combat training in military history.

Week the Women Went 04

2007-2008 | 16 x 60 min

Take one small Canadian town, remove the women, and see if the men can keep the home burning – without burning the kids’ dinner.

Road Hockey Rumble 01

2007-2008 | 26 x 30 min

Two young guys. A cross-Canada road trip stopping in small towns along the way. At each stop, our heroes challenge the locals to an intense game of street hockey, where egos and reputations take a beating.

Devil Plays Hardball 04

2008 | 1 x 60 min

Devil Plays Hardball is an experimental, interventionist documentary that has the potential to change lives. In this social experiment, four mentors – all accomplished and compassionate individuals – are challenged to help realize the hopes and dreams of four homeless individuals.

Confessions of an Innocent Man 01

2007 | 1 x 90 min

The shocking, heart-wrenching story of British-Canadian engineer William Sampson who lived a privileged life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia until he was kidnapped, locked up and tortured by Saudi thugs for almost three years.

Jetstream 03

2007 | 8 x 60 min

Join us in Cold Lake, Alberta as we go through the grueling six-month CF18 fighter pilot training course along with the keen student pilots of 410 Squadron.

First Comes Love 02

2005-2006 | 13 x 30 min

A wedding show with a twist: Each episode follows a different gay couple to the altar, watching as they navigate - and re-create - the traditions of marriage.

Kink 03

2001-2006 | 63 x 30 min

In each season of KINK we document the lives of Canadians living on the sexual edge. From Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto to Montreal to Halifax, KINK showcases the personal exploration of alternative sexuality as it is manifest in different urban centres across the country.

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