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World's Weirdest Restaurants

Food Network (Canada) & FYI (USA)

2012-2013 | 28 x 30 min

Culinary adventurer Bob Blumer sets out in search of the World's Weirdest Restaurants.

Part travel, part food, World’s Weirdest Restaurants is Bob’s tribute to fellow food lovers who’ve taken their passions to the extreme. A pub where monkeys serve you? An eatery where diners go in search of RUDE service? A place where ninja waiters threaten to pounce on you at any moment? On World’s Weirdest Restaurants, that’s just another night out!

Each episode of World’s Weirdest Restaurants showcases four of the world’s weirdest wackiest and wildest eating establishments. There are all different kinds of ‘weird’ and Bob’s on a mission to explore the full range, whether it’s an eclectic environment, an eccentric food focus, or a unique, high-concept theme restaurant. The tone of the show is fun, upbeat, colourful and fast-paced. Host Bob Blumer has spent a lifetime exploring the outer limits of the food world, but there are still a few surprises out there. Immersed in the action, Bob is a true adventurer, who delights in the entertaining, offbeat and quirky culinary experiences the world has to offer.

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What people are saying about World's Weirdest Restaurants

Addicted to worlds weirdest restaurants!

@JDVarey, 44 weeks 4 hours ago

Watching I love Bob

@captaintoske, 44 weeks 4 hours ago

I need to visit every restaurant on this show 'Worlds weirdest restaurants' 

@ZoeiiJade, 44 weeks 4 hours ago

I'm watching worlds weirdest restaurants which is probably the best decision I've made in a long time

@BrittanyWheele1, 44 weeks 4 hours ago

world's weirdest restaurants" is my new favorite show 

@sludgge, 44 weeks 4 hours ago

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