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Documentary Productions

Kink 03

2001-2006 | 63 x 30 min

In each season of KINK we document the lives of Canadians living on the sexual edge. From Vancouver to Winnipeg to Toronto to Montreal to Halifax, KINK showcases the personal exploration of alternative sexuality as it is manifest in different urban centres across the country.

Hosts of The Blonde Mystique

2006 | 1 x 60 min

What is it about blondes, anyway? Our three beautiful hosts ask ordinary Canadians and experts how they feel about fair-haired women, and what is it that makes them so attractive?

Thirst for Life 03
Discovery Health

2005 | 1 x 60 min

Part travel, part science, part epicurean adventure—Thirst for Life takes viewers on a surprising one-hour journey deep inside their wineglass, revealing the healthy secrets contained in the ruby elixir.

Call Me Average 01

2004 | 1 x 30 min

Call Me Average documents the legacy of Joe Average - his life, his art, his attitudes and his activism. It provides a rare glimpse into a singular imagination.

Victory 1945 04

2004 | 2 x 60 min

Canadian World War II veterans serving overseas, and their girlfriends and wives back home, relate vivid, personal stories of the dramatic final months of the war, leading up to VE (Victory in Europe) Day – May 8, 1945.

Flag for Canada 02

2003 | 1 x 60 min

It’s so very simple. Red on white. Two vertical bars, and between them a single maple leaf. For Canadians under 40, it has always been our flag. Nothing else says, as simply and as clearly, “We are Canadian." But the birth of Canada’s flag in 1965 was anything but simple.

Spring 01

2003 | 13 x 30 min

Something has changed. The air is different. Colours are dazzling, and everything is infused with the freshness of nature. It’s Spring, a documentary series like no other program on television!

Transplant Tourism 01

2003 | 1 x 60 min

Cameras follow Canadians with kidney disease who grapple with the life-and-death decision to buy an organ on the black market.

Celluloid Dreams 04

2002 | 1 x 60 min

Celluloid Dreams takes a trip into the wonderful and weird worlds of fantasy, nightmare and adult fairy tale...where intuition and pure imagination run wild.

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