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HGTV (Canada)

2011-2013 | 22 x 60 min

"Consumed" is an extreme home experiment where de-cluttering expert Jill Pollack challenges overwhelmed families drowning in stuff to survive for 30 days with only the bare essentials (i.e. a few personal items and 10 things to share). With their worldly possessions temporarily gone, Jill gives each family the chance to rebuild their lives from scratch, both physically and emotionally, by forcing them to confront the effect of clutter on their lives and their relationships. In the end, the goal is for each family to see their material possessions, homes, and each other in a completely different light. But can families who have been consumed by our consumer society really change? Darren Doyle acts as resident handyman in the series, helping Jill create functional living areas. 

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What people are saying about Consumed

I watched 5 minutes of this morning's show. Walked in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee during the break, and spontaneously decided to get rid of 8 wine glasses that have been 'bugging' me for months. This show is magic!

Lynn Pelletier Valde, 3 years 34 weeks ago

When does Season 2 begin! This show is my weekly inspiration!

Michelle Adey-Rickard, 3 years 35 weeks ago

I love this show. I love how you take a full month with the family, how you work on the main issues with them during the month and allow them to process what their stuff does to the person and their family. This show makes me feel happy for the family when they're done and their houses look great!! Good job!

Terri Bondy Duff, 3 years 35 weeks ago

@ConsumedTV @jillpollack I love the show! Jill rocks the house!

@LilMsNeat, 3 years 35 weeks ago

Watch @hgtvCanada @ConsumedTV w/ @jillpollack If you need motivation to#organize & #declutter you need to watch #Consumed NOW!

@showcapricalove, 3 years 36 weeks ago

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