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100 Mile Challenge - Hosts Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon
Food Network

2009 | 6 x 60 min

A documentary series that explores the phenomenon of the so-called “100 Mile Diet” and challenges the citizens of one Canadian town to survive for one hundred days on food that originates within a hundred-mile radius of their home.

Canadian in Korea 01

1999 | 1 x 60 min

The Korean War has never been well understood by most Canadians. This historical documentary describes that war and brings home the details of life in the trenches.

Flag for Canada 02

2003 | 1 x 60 min

It’s so very simple. Red on white. Two vertical bars, and between them a single maple leaf. For Canadians under 40, it has always been our flag. Nothing else says, as simply and as clearly, “We are Canadian." But the birth of Canada’s flag in 1965 was anything but simple.

BC Times 01

1997 | 6 x 30 min

From Captain James Cook’s arrival in Nootka Sound to Jimmy Pattison’s stewardship of Expo ’86, B.C. Times explores the history of British Columbia through the eyes and the words of the people who lived it.

Brewery Creek 01

1998 | 6 x 15 min

A two month docu-soap featuring the quirky residents of an artist's loft.

Call Me Average 01

2004 | 1 x 30 min

Call Me Average documents the legacy of Joe Average - his life, his art, his attitudes and his activism. It provides a rare glimpse into a singular imagination.

HGTV (Canada)

2015 | 14 x 30 min

Carver Kings presents the unique world of chainsaw carvers and the jaw-dropping art that they create with the buzz of saw.

Celluloid Dreams 04

2002 | 1 x 60 min

Celluloid Dreams takes a trip into the wonderful and weird worlds of fantasy, nightmare and adult fairy tale...where intuition and pure imagination run wild.

Chasing the Cure 01
Discovery Health

2002 | 4 x 60 min

You've seen the headlines: "Vancouver lab discovers gene controlling good cholesterol," "Adult stem cells provide hope for spinal cord injuries," "Bovine vaccination may prevent e-coli outbreaks." Behind each headline is a team of researchers, led by a remarkable Canadian who has spent years chasing the cure.

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